Diverse Types of Freeze Dried Foods

The process of freeze drying is otherwise known as lyophilization, cryodesiccation or lyophilisation. It is actually a process of dehydration which is ordinarily utilized inside the preservation of products which can be perishable, because it tends to make it much more transportable. How it functions is via the freezing in the product, and then there's a reduction in the pressure that surrounds it. What this does is always to cause the water that has grow to be frozen to move from its strong state towards the stage where it becomes gas. What it truly is in essence is the removing from the water that is definitely discovered in food so that it could be eaten and/or transported in its frozen, dry state. Get much more information and facts about Овощи сублимированные


This freeze-dried process was commercially created sooner or later in World War II. It was utilized as a preservation of penicillin at the same time as blood plasma. A machine known as a freeze-dryer is used within the process. There is a large cavity where the freezing of your product is accomplished, too as a vacuum pump that's used to eliminate the water/moisture type the product. After that is done, then there is the application of heat that serves to speed up the sublimation process. There's then condensation, wherein the vaporized solvent is removed from the chamber of the vacuum with the conversion from the solvent to a strong state. When that is performed, the separation from the water/moisture from the product has been completed.


Because the 1960s there happen to be more than 4 hundred finds of freeze-dried foods which have developed on a commercial level. Some products; which include coffee are very excellent for this process, but other products which include water melons and lettuce on account of their higher water content material usually are not extremely great things for the freeze-drying process.


Mountain House is really a manufacturer of a number of freeze-dried products. They've been in operation for more than fourth years. They have products which include eggs, beef stew, and rice pilaf. They specialize in fresh products, and as such, their supply is restocked in less than 4 months every time.


Mountain House 10 cans are airtight cans that have include freeze-dried foods that will stay the longest around the shelf. They coat both the inside as well as the outdoors of their cans with protective enamel that offers it doubly the protection it desires. Their canning process utilizes each nitrogen flushing and vacuum oxygen; comparable towards the standards which is set within the army.


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